Beginning of Bleu Lotus...

As I thought about how and why I started Bleu Lotus, my son's face kept popping up in my head. When he was born, I was too. I was looking through a new lens. I gained new motivation. I saw a different purpose in my life, and for his. I always knew I didn't want to continue what I was doing for my “job." It didn’t fulfill me or allow me to utilize my skills in the way I knew I was truly meant to use them. I had never felt the urge to follow my passion, or even knew what that was fully, until now.

Through shopping at boutiques myself, my love for fashion, and my dream of working for myself…here I am with Bleu Lotus Boutique!

As a lot of women do, I have always loved shopping and dressing in the latest styles but, most importantly, comfortable styles, because feeling trendy but also comfy in my clothes made me feel confident. That’s what I hope to bring to you through Bleu Lotus. Simple, comfortable, yet trendy clothing items, accessories... and more!

I hope you take this journey with me. Welcome to Bleu Lotus Boutique!

meet the owner

Hi. I'm Nicole

Feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, or feedback!

I am so grateful you're here!

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